Fit Your Shape
Step 1: Learn The Styles
Rectangular bodies are generally consistent in size from top to bottom, so if this is you then the width of your shoulders will be about the same as the width of your hips, with little to no difference in the size of your waist. Your lingerie sizing will be consistent from head to toe (e.g. if you are a medium top, you are likely a medium skirt, medium panty, and so on). To give the illusion of a more defined waist, choose styles that nip in at or slightly above the waist (such as those that have long line seams or are styled with belts) or styles with extra emphasis on the bust and hips (such as those with layered fabrics like ruffles at the top and bottoms or contrasting colours).
Pear shapes are largest across their hips, so if you are pear shaped then you are most likely a smaller size on top than you are on the bottom (e.g. a medium bra but an extra large panty). To balance out your lower half choose styles that emphasize your bust and flow over and away from your hips, such as a babydoll. If you want to show off your hips, maximize them by putting them in hip-hugging chemise styles or corsets with no cups that you can tie tightly at the top and looser at the bottom to accommodate your shape. Drawing attention to your bottom half with bold patterns or layers of fabric will also emphasize it and pull the eye horizontally across the hips, giving the illusion of a greater width.
Hourglass bodies have bust lines and hips that are roughly the same size with a clearly defined waist and generally fit all lingerie in their size range (although if it’s a molded cup style they may spill out if they have a fuller bust). If you are an hourglass, try a bustier or a corset with an intricate panty to highlight your figure, or a body-hugging chemise with a belt to emphasize your waistline. Three-piece sets (with a bra, panty and garter belt) will also emphasize your proportions and really showcase your curves.
Strawberry figures are widest across the shoulders with smaller waists and hips, so to balance this out choose styles that emphasize your hips. Drawing attention to your bottom half with bold patterns or layers of fabric will emphasize your hips and create an hourglass shape. Hip-hugging chemises, body skimming gowns with slits at the hip, layered babydolls and peplum or ruffled bustiers or corsets look amazing on this shape.
Apple shapes are largest at their middle. To define your waist and simultaneously emphasize your bust, choose styles that are tighter at the top and looser at the bottom, such as babydolls. The key is to pick styles with an empire waist (i.e. styles where the “smallest” part of the babydoll is directly underneath the bust and then the fabric flows over and away from the hips). Conversely, choose a corset that can be laced to redistribute your shape into a more hourglass figure by cinching the waistline and loosening around the bust and hips. A note about apple shapes – midriff baring two-piece sets (bra and panty) look amazing on your figure! By bringing the focus to the bust and hips with fabric and colour in these two places, the eye is drawn vertically from one to the other which elongates the overall look.
When in doubt, the two styles of lingerie that flatter the most shapes are flat-front corsets (that lace up at the back and have no underwire or cups in them) or babydolls. That is why you will notice we carry the fullest range of sizes in these two styles!
Step #3
Shop Your Shape