It was 1979. The women’s movement for freedom of sexual expression had taken leaps and bounds forward in the past ten years, and the lingerie industry in Canada was struggling to meet the demand for liberating and modern designs. Catherine and Peter Horea would come together to create their first garment in a tiny one-bedroom apartment – a pair of crotchless panties. From there, their brand exploded onto the market with new styles and concepts and soon they had built a design house whose foundations would carry them through decades of changes and growth. Always true to their roots, Catherine’s inspirational eye for design and Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit became the driving force that turned this one room family business into an international success. Much later, Catherine and Peter’s son Marcus would join the team to carry his parents’ vision forward. Coquette has since grown into an internationally recognized brand with customers all over the world, but remains proudly Canadian to this day. All Coquette pieces are designed in-house in Cambridge, Ontario by an all-female team of award winning Canadian designers
Senior Designer
Elaine started her journey with Coquette in 2004. A large source of influence for Elaine comes from her world travels, from Toronto to L.A., New Orleans to China, where she is constantly inspired by the array of beautiful fabrics, culture and people. Celebrity looks, classic movies and street fashion often enter the foray of her sketches, and she is constantly on the lookout for trendsetting concepts. Elaine’s favourite Coquette collection is the Darque line. Darque’s edgy designs and boundary pushing style are Elaine’s trademark, mimicked in her personal style. She often wears pieces of the Darque collection herself mixed in with every day pieces to express her own unique style. Elaine’s designs have been featured in many magazine editorials, advertisements and television shows.
Ashely joined the Coquette team in 2010. She graduated at the top of her class receiving her Fashion Design diploma from Fanshawe College. Ashley is known for her sophisticated taste and often uses delicate textiles such as fine laces to create contemporary and modern designs. Ashley’s designs stand apart because of their multifaceted appeal as she strives to add an elegant touch even to the most risqué pieces. Her ability to bridge collections make her designs extremely versatile. Her favourite Coquette collection to design for is Main where the fabric and colour combinations are endless. Ashley’s designs have been featured in various music videos and TV shows.
Jacqueline joined the Coquette design team in 2010 after studying Fashion Design. Her designs are often inspired by outerwear trends that translate nicely into lingerie or vice versa. She finds inspiration following various fashion bloggers, photographers and celebrities on social media and spends a lot time looking at street style trends. Jacqueline loves designing multi-purpose styles that can be paired with outerwear pieces for a wearable look. Many of her favourite designs are convertible for this reason. Classic fabrics like black lace or microfiber cut into contemporary styles make for easy styling and are therefore a hallmark of her creations.