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​Beauty Buzz: Tips for Healthy Hair All Summer Long

​Beauty Buzz: Tips for Healthy Hair All Summer Long
By N Kreitzer 4 years ago 4512 Views No comments

With tons of things to LOVE about summer, it is a major factor in damaged hair. Variables like sun, sweat, chlorine, that constant need to get it out of your face into a tight bun are just a few reason us ladies (and men too) should pay extra attention to our luxurious locks. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to protect your hair against those damn UV rays, harsh chemicals, and nasty build up that DON'T involve being stuck inside all season.

Get a Trim
This is very important for those rocking long locks this summer. Getting a trim every few weeks, especially at the beginning of the summer, is optimal for the health of your hair (no matter the time of year). As your hair grows, split ends (which will inevitably happen) continue to split up the shaft, so getting rid of them as soon as possible will help keep your hair looking fresh. The more breakage you cut off now, the less you’ll have to cut off later.

Give Your Styling Tools a Summer Vacay
Ladies, put that blow dryer, straightener, or curling DOWN. Rock your natural look, save some time, and limit the extra heat damage. Curly hair? There are TONS of options via styling creams and sprays that can help manage those unruly locks and tame the frizz. If your hair is naturally wavy or straight, add a volume or texture product to give your hair a beachy look. Plus, rocking the natural look in the summer pairs well with that beautiful sun kissed skin.

Suncreen for Hair, WHAT?
Yes, you read it right. UV Protectant is a thing for your hair too. Just like protecting your face and body with sunscreen, your hair shouldn't be left out. Weightless oils like Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil applied to damp hair offer an easy (and good smelling) way to add a veil of UV coverage.

Deep Conditioning Glory
My personal go to ALL throughout the year, a relaxing deep conditioning treatment going a long way. Providing the extra hydration your hair desperately wants in the summer, it's also a perfect excuse to kick back with a good book and glass of wine and just relax for a couple of hours. Personal tip: I use coconut oil and concentrate on my ends. The results, shiny, soft, L'Oreal commercial hair.

Get Wet Before Getting Wet
A trick I've learned after years of being a complete fish in the summers; Wetting your hair in the shower or just sticking your head under the tap before you take the glorious plunge into that chlorinated pool will significantly reduce the damaging effect of chlorine. Sounds odd, right? Here's the thing, when your hair cuticle is already soaked, it will absorb way less of the pool's chemicals than your dry hair would. Personal tip: Mix in some conditioner too, not only will it make it easier to brush through after, but it's a nice little hydration boost.

Say Hello To Hats
Make a fashion statement and just rock a cute hat. If you're one to colour your hair, all the sun, chemicals, and heat can be extra damaging on something you may spend a fortune on, so making your own fashion statement and wearing a hat will save you a lot of damage (and money) in the long run.

Keep in mind all hair is different. Find the techniques that work best for your hair and enjoy an easier easier routine. Embrace your natural locks, beautiful! Protect that hair, grow that hair, and feel like a beachy goddess all summer long.