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​Panty Party

​Panty Party
By N Kreitzer 4 years ago 6162 Views No comments

So many panties, so little time. With so many styles of panties, high, low, thong, cheeky, let’s talk the perfect panties for you and all your different outfit needs.


Available in lace, cotton, spandex and more, Thongs are perfect for ladies who like to show off their ‘ass’ets and shape their booties. Wear the waist bands a little higher to make your booty appear more round and to cover up and possible love handles.

They are leggings, fitted dresses and skinny jeans’ best friends! Spandex and seamless styles are perfect for your favourite skin tight outfit. Panty lines no more!

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A more risque version of a thong, these string like bottoms are perfect for some sexy time in the bedroom. Not the best undergarment for that skin tight dress, keep the g-strings for the bedroom or pair them with a higher rise jean or layered dress.

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A bit of mystery never felt so sexy! You don’t have to choose between comfort and style when rocking a pair of cheeky bikini panties.

The perfect pairing for your favourite jeans, typically thicker in material than yoga pants and tights, the material along with the pockets allow you to get away with wearing a regular or cheeky panty, or even a bikini brief.

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High Waisted

Celebrate your inner pin-up with high-waisted panties that give you a sexy vintage feel. Available in a multitude of fabrics, the details and shapes will make you feel irresistible. Besides the looks, high waisted panties are also extremely comfy. A lot of women are not the most proud of their tummy area and love how they hide it and keep things tucked and controlled.

Great for under delicate fabrics, or for curvy ladies looking to add some shape and smoothing to their figure, high waisted panties are great for any outfit.

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The best panties to sleep in. They won’t ride up, they are always comfy, and when they come in lace, man are they sexy! Boyshorts look great on any body shape or size and have to be my favourite style of panty.

Pair these panties with your favourite flowing skirt or loose fitting dress for a comfortable and worry free look. You never know when the wind will get friendly with your dress. So if you're looking for underwear that will keep your booty covered, a brief or boyshort is a great choice.

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