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LookBook: 40th Anniversary Collection

LookBook: 40th Anniversary Collection
By N Kreitzer 1 years ago 4635 Views No comments

It was in a small, one bedroom apartment equipped with a single sewing machine where Catherine and Peter Horea created Coquette's first garment. A single pair of crotchless panties. They marketed and sold the panties to neighbouring stores in the KW region of Ontario, Canada. With Catherine's inspirational eye for design and Pete's entrepreneurial spirit, Coquette great from it's modest beginnings to an international success.

40 years later, Coquette continues to produce quality garments which empower women of all shapes and sizes. As one of the first in the industry to embrace inclusive sizing, Coquette has created hundreds of unique designs ranging from romantic to risqué. Being the largest manufacturer and designer of lingerie in Canada, serving over 64 countries worldwide, it is the diversity of styles featured in the collections that fit any lifestyle, occasion, figure or taste that make Coquette unique.

The Coquette team would like to say Thank-you as we celebrate 40 years of fond memories.

And so, may we present to you our proudest collection of 40 years. A collection filled with absolutely stunning colours, unique and trending designs, and shaping silhouettes.

Merlot Treasures | Because wine not. Delicate merlot lace is accented beautifully by a soft stretch satin.

Bouquet of Flowers | Bridal season will be it's most beautiful this year. Gorgeous, delicate floral appliques and sultry sheer materials will make for a stunning wedding night.

Rose Shadow | Light and playful, the contrasting black bands patterns and a soft rose colour make for a playful yet sophisticated look.

Harnessed Ambitions | For a more fashion-forward look, Harnessed Ambitions features sultry black styles.

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