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Lingerie Care Guide

Lingerie Care Guide
By N Kreitzer 1 years ago 610 Views No comments

Lingerie can be a tricky hassle when it comes to laundry day. Between the lace, the hooks, the straps, it can be an annoying and time consuming feat. While it may be tempting to just toss them all into a laundry bag and throw it in with your other laundry (been there, done that, don't recommend it), you are likely wearing down your intimates a lot faster than necessary.

Over the years, I've collected the best tips, from both personal experience, my wonderful mom, and professionals, that'll help your sexy undergarments last as long as they're worth. Here's how...

Don't Wash Every Wear – Especially Bras!
Just like washing your hair, washing intimates (besides underwear) does NOT need to be done after every wear. Constant washing will break down the materials and fibers that provides support and shape, and will damage the structure of your lingerie. Plus, if you are using a normal detergent like with all your other laundry, the harsh chemicals in it will also add to the breakdown of the material.

Hand Wash, Machine Dry
I can hear the moans through your screen. I know it's a lot of work, but when you spend a pretty penny on any intimates, hand washing and no machine drying will lengthening the wear of your intimates, and make them worth their price tag.

In reality, it's not as labor-intensive as you might think. Simply fill your sink or bath tub or wash basin with lukewarm water and a cap full of delicate lingerie wash (or if you only have it, a very small amount of regular detergent). Gently swirl your bras and lingerie through the soapy water. Once finished, gently wring out the excess water as gently as possible! We want to avoid stretching those beautiful delicates!

If you have a drying rack handy, laying your clean lingerie here is a great option! If not, hanging from hangers in the shower or bathroom works great too. I would not recommend laying flat on a solid surface because the air won’t be able to circulate.

Detergent Dilemma
Special lingerie or delicates detergents aren't just a marketing ploy to make more money!! They were created because normal detergents are more harsh and break down fabric fibers more quickly. For delicate garments, delicate detergents really do preserve the shelf life.

Spooning Bras
Sounds silly, but arranging your bras so that the cups are spooning one another will prevent any crushing or curling of the cups beneath each other. WORST EVER. I can't count how many bras I ruined as a teenager because the cups got crushed and curled.

There you have it! Put these tips to the test and increase the lifetime of your favorite lingerie pieces.