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​Beauty Buzz: ​Glowing Goddess – Summer Skin Tips

​Beauty Buzz: ​Glowing Goddess – Summer Skin Tips
By N Kreitzer 4 years ago 9030 Views No comments

Does it ever feel like there's no break on your skin from the damage of the seasons? Cold weather and rough clothing causing cracks to hot sun, pool chemicals causing sun burns or sweaty break outs.

With the change of season comes the change of beauty routines. There are no breaks when it comes to keeping your beautiful skin glowing and healthy. So after hours on the beach, long days by the pool, we need to talk the simple tips to prepping and keeping your skin as beautiful as you!

Hydration, please!

There are thousands of products that claim to be moisturizing & hydrating, from shampoos, to foot creams, face creams and more. But you know what really makes a hydrating difference, WATER. Keep it simple silly. Drinking at least 8 tall glasses of water each day not only helps bloating and heat stroke, but it it the best defense against dry skin and brittle hair.

Beauty Sleep

Does this one really need to be explained? It's an age old adage that beauty sleep does wonders for your skin, your health, your body. With all the BBQs, beach trips, backyard parties, it's hard to keep up with your sleep but sometimes you need to skip the 5th get-together in a row and spend a night pampering yourself and catching up on your Zs.


Whether you're looking to use a self tanner, already used one, or want a solid sun kissed look from a day at the beach, exfoliating will not only help you get and maintain a beautiful golden look, but keep your pores from being clogged. Use an exfoliating glove to brush away and dry, dead skin before it causes a nasty break out or uneven tan.

Cool Rinse Only

With the exfoliating, your skin will be fresh and sensitive. Prevent irritations to that glowing, fresh skin by keeping your showers lukewarm.

Moisture Is Your Best Accessory

You're full of good water, you've scrubbed away the flakes and dead cells, now comes the obvious. Moisturize! Any time you get wet, even after hopping out of the pool, make sure you are nourishing and hydrating your skin with a trusted moisturizer cream. Personal go-to: coconut oil. The kind that's meant for skin isn't greasy, never heavy, and it smells SO good.

Use Protection

Something I can't stress enough, you should be wearing an SPF sunscreen or cream EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Rain or shine. And apply regularly! The sun's harmful rays will get to you in your car, on an overcast day, and even worse on your beach getaway. The sun's rays are harmful (even though they make us look like sun kissed Goddesses) and will only accelerate the again process and increase your risk of cancer.

Eat Fresh

I know it's hard to eat a strict, healthy diet when there is ice cream, boozy drinks, cheesy french fries, and greasy burgers all over your favourite summer spots. However, the antioxidants, omega 3s, fatty acids, and rich vitamins in the easily accessible and oh-so fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs will keep you and your skin looking glowing and beautiful.

Don't skip the important things that will make your skin healthy and beautiful for years to come. Keep it simple while enjoying your Summer Festivities.