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Girl Power: The Golden Globes Inspiration

Girl Power: The Golden Globes Inspiration
By Charlotte 11 months ago 3861 Views 5 comments

Girl power! Not only the motto of our favourite girl empowerment band ever – the Spice Girls – but also something we stand by wholeheartedly here at Coquette. We believe that every woman should feel powerful and be comfortable wearing anything she desires without worrying she will be sexually assaulted or harassed.

The 2018 Golden Globes this past Sunday were not only inspirational but also resonate well with our vision here at Coquette to support all women in the lingerie marketplace. The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements as well as the all-black ensembles at this year’s event were a reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

But how do we support our Coquette women? We encourage every woman that wears a Coquette piece whether it be at home, out on the town, or casually for everyday wear, to feel she is in a safe space and can be comfortable in her own skin. All our customers are bold, daring, sexy, flirty, playful and own their sexuality and femininity. Do you have a favourite lingerie piece? What makes it your favourite? Chat with us in the comments!

Fashion and sexy go hand in hand here at Coquette and we hope all of you feel the same in your lives without the risk of sexual harassment. These movements are creating a change for a better world and that is something we can definitely stand behind!

Who had your favourite red carpet look for the Golden Globes and the #TimesUp show of solidarity? Join the conversation in the comments below!

Our top picks include the always lovely Halle Berry’s all lace ensemble, Dakota Johnson’s beautiful velvet and Alison Brie’s classic streamlined look:

Want to emulate these beautiful ladies red carpet looks? Shop our below styles here.

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Alicia 11 months ago at 3:31 PM
Great post! xo
Samantha 11 months ago at 4:19 PM
I agree, great article! P.S I just love that chemise 7131!! It does look very similar to Halle Berry's!
Jessica 11 months ago at 4:24 PM
Love the article. I just love Coquette lingerie, so many styles to choose from.
Vivienne 11 months ago at 4:59 PM
Nice styles!
Sandra 11 months ago at 3:09 PM
Absolutely loved the article